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7” party time birthday plate

This colorful piece is not only visually captivating but can also be personalized with your name or a special saying. With dimensions of 7 inches, it is jam packed with design.

Made by the renowned tabletop designer N. Engblom, this plate is a true work of art. To personalize your plate, simply provide your desired name or message in the designated message box on the order form. Additionally, you can choose the primary icing color and even request other special colors from my color chart to make your custom plate truly unique.

Rest assured that my plates are not only beautiful but also practical. My kiln-fired art pottery pieces are built to last, ensuring that your personalized plate will retain its vibrant colors for years to come.

Please note that each plate is handmade, resulting in slight variations that add to its charm and uniqueness. Embrace the individuality of your personalized plate and enjoy the beauty it brings to your dining experience.

Smash plate Personalized Birthday Plate 7”

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