“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” 
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Nicole Engblom

I'm an artist for the people and tabletop designer for big box companies.  

My love for animals is reflected in many of the pieces I design.  You can often find me walking around outside or kayaking in the inlet while I think of new pieces.  My journey in art started when I was very young when I used to make Christmas ornaments out of yarn balls with googly eyes and put them in a shopping cart and sit outside of a grocery store selling them.  I was 7.  It's memories like that which are priceless.

I worked retail in a craft gallery when I was 13 and m love for art blossomed as I learned about all the different artists and techniques people had.  

I went to college for commercial art and decided to pursue fine arts instead. I tried several mediums for business ideas from jewelry to furniture until I learned the art of pottery.  I was hooked! 

Most of my pieces start out as a block of raw clay

Most of my pieces start out as a block of raw clay that comes right out of the ground.  It is often cool to the touch when I get my hands in it and reminds me of being a child playing in the dirt outdoors.  I make a lot of animal related themes because that is what I connect with most.  After all this clay did actually come from animals and earth elements.  Why not bring them out?  I roll out each ball of clay I make by hand using an old rolling pin my mother gave me years ago.  Some days I have to push the handles back in because they tend to pop out now.  A lot of people say get a press and it will do the work, that is not what fufills me.  I was to touch each piece, create it from it's birth.  I don't want to mass produce my originals pieces.  I want to breathe life into them.

Do you wholesale?  Why, Yes!  If you would like wholesale information please send your Retail License number and seller information to 1artzfolk@gmail.com and I will contact you directly with the site password.

Do you drop ship? No.  

Do you do custom business orders? Yes. again. e-mail me.

Licensed pieces

I told you earlier that some of my pieces are licensed.  They are licensed.  What are licensed items?  Art Licensing is an exciting area in the licensing market and can possibly supplement and artist's income and increase exposure.Licensing is defined as leasing the right to use a legally protected name, graphic, logo, saying or likeness in conjunction with a product, promotion, or services.

I laymans terms, It is when a company believes they can make a profit from your designs and you get a royalty check from that company.

Those pieces are not made by me or originals, they are mass produced in China but I do design the prototypes.  They will have my name Nicole Engblom on the bottom and not my company name ARTZFOLK.