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This is a fun platter for your family holiday traditions. Each one is hand-made and will vary as hand-made items do. You tell me a few things about your family traditions and I will create your very own heirloom masterpiece to pass down to the generations.

Upon ordering there will be a message box where you can put all the information you want to tell me and I will sketch it out and you get to approve the sketch or make any changes to it before it is glazed and fired.


This piece is dishwasher safe and you can put it into the oven to keep your turkey warm too!

All my pieces are kiln-fired twice for durability. These are not markers or paint pens it is actually glazed into the piece itself. You want an heirloom right? Well, this is what you want then.

Sought after by people all over the world, my whimsical designs make everyone smile.

Celebrate Everything four seasons holiday personalized tray

Excluding Sales Tax
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