This is a fun platter for your family traditions.  

Just tell me about 6-8 things about the person it is for and I will design your own one of a kind platter that is FUNctional Art. I will send you a sketch before it is glazed so you can see the design and double check the spelling and then the magic happens. People LOVE these.
* There will be a message box on the order form upon checkout to put all the information into.

Medium- 15” L x 11” W x 1¾” H (1¾” Rim)
Good for serving 1-3 people
Large-16" L x 11 ¾" W x 2" H ( shown in pic ) good size for the family 
And limited edition 17” size for serving friends & family!

Each one is hand-made and will vary as hand-made items do. Put your favorite saying on the top or something that is special to your family and your family name at the bottom.

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