This is for a custom bowl it is a big bowl and it makes a wonderful gift. For weddings, birthdays,anniversaries or celebrations of any kind.
It measures: 12" x 5" and will hold LOTS of popcorn or a whole bag of family sized chips and enough pasta for an Italian family.
Or we have a lower style that is wonderful for Pasta and a great decorative centerpiece.

You can put a few things about the person in the message box on the order form and I will send you a sketch a few days before it is to be fired and glazed to review.

You can contact me and we can make the design of your dreams come true!
Anything goes.......
There is a message box upon checkout where you can put ideas for your special piece into 
Some good ideas are: hobbies, sports, occupations, special events or places, things they like.

Dishwasher and food safe
kiln fired art pottery

Custom made and Designed Story Art BIG serving bowl or large pasta dish wedding